Crompton Greaves

The Fractional Horse Power (FHP) Motors Division of Crompton Greaves Limited, located in Goa, manufactures the widest range of Fractional Horse Power (FHP) motors for an amazing variety of applications in the domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial segments.

The FHP motors of Crompton Greaves Limited, have acquired an unmatched reputation for dependability in the market. These motors carry the CSA mark, the UL mark for Canada and the USA, and the CE certification for Europe.



The FHP motors are of rolled steel shell construction, with end-shields made of die-cast aluminum. This makes the motors light in weight, which is a need for domestic appliance motors as well as other industrial motors, which go into light industrial equipment. This form of construction also lends itself to produce them at large scale economically.

The outputs extend from 30W (1/20 HP) to 2250W (3 HP). The popular FHP motor ranges cover 2,4,6 and 8 pole speeds, suitable for single or three phase electrical supplies.